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Real Clear Politics

Krauthammer: Democrats Will "Regret" Dismissing Obama's Executive Overreach

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The substance is a very serious issue. And I think Democrats will regret not having taken seriously the president's overreach on domestic issues which I think are unprecedented. There has always been argument about the president's powers on foreign affairs. No president, for example, has accepted the restrictions of the War Powers Act -- Democrat or Republican -- because ...
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Michelle Obama: "The Blood Of Africa Runs Through My Veins"

During a speech to young Africans on Wednesday First Lady Michelle Obama said that the "blood of Africa" runs through her veins. MICHELLE OBAMA: As an African-American woman, this conversation is deeply personal to me. The roots of my family tree are in Africa. As you know my husband's father was born and raised in Kenya. Members of our extended family still live there. I have had the pleasure of traveling ...
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John Lewis Enraged On House Floor: "Republicans Have Never Supported This President"

REP. JOHN LEWIS (D-GA): Mr. Speaker, this resolution is a waste of time and money. We are sent to Congress to make progress on behalf of the people of this nation. Yet, House Republicans spend all of their time and energy fighting this president. Why? Republicans need to jump off the bandwagon of political attacks and come together to jump start the economy... From his first day in office the Republicans in the House, in this House, have never supported the presiden ...
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GOP Rep. Mo Brooks: If We Couldn't Convict Clinton, There's No Way We Can Impeach Obama

REP. MO BROOKS (R-AL): But we're busy in Washington. Maybe Congressman Clyburn didn't see it, but the president said that impeachment is off the table. And I can assure you that there is zero chance, it's an effort of in futility. If you couldn't get an impeachment of Bill Clinton when he committed perjury, there's no way in the world you're going to get 67 senator ...
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Wasserman Schultz: Obama Doing His Job "At A Rate Lower Than Any President"

REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ (D-FL): We shouldn't be surprised because in the do-nothingist of do-nothing Congresses on a day when I leave this interview I'm going to go to the House floor and actually debate why we shouldn't be voting for the first time in American history to sue the president of the United States for doing his job. And doing his job actually less often and at a rate that is lower than any president since Grover Cleveland because the Republicans re ...
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Cory Booker: Rand's Right, Drug Laws Not Inherently Racist But Have A Racial Outcome

ARI MELBER, MSNBC: Senator Paul, in your view, is the enforcement of the war on drugs racist? SEN. RAND PAUL: Well, I think it has a racial outcome is a better way to put it. I think it's inadvertent. So, I don't think everybody is plotting to make it that way, but you can't escape the facts that 3 out of 4 people in prison are black or brown or have drug problems. And frankly, I think it has to do with several things. ...
Full article at: Real Clear Politics 13 hours ago, 4:58pm CDT

Wasserman Schultz: Democrats Should "Absolutely Not" Stop Fundraising Off Impeachment

ALEX WAGNER: There has been some criticism directed towards Democrats and Democratic organizations that they have overreached on the issue of impeachment and they have overfundraised. By one count, there were 21 e-mails sent to fundraise off the notion of impeaching the president. Do you think that the Democrats have overstepped? REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Absolutely not. I think that it's very clear that it's quite possible this lawsuit against ...
Full article at: Real Clear Politics 14 hours ago, 3:40pm CDT

Rand Paul vs MSNBC Host: I Learned My Lesson Trying To Have A Philosophical Discussion on Your Network

ARI MELBER, MSNBC HOST: As we're talking about restoring civil rights here, you know you stirred up a lot of controversy with the 2010 comments SEN. RAND PAUL: Me? Controversy? MELBER: Part of what you said at the time, Senator, is that you had concerns about the rules for private business while you support most of the Civil Rights Act. Why did you evolve on rules for private business? PAUL: What I would say to be fair to myself b ...
Full article at: Real Clear Politics 14 hours ago, 3:38pm CDT

Obama to Republicans: "Stop Hating All The Time"

PRESIDENT OBAMA: So some of the things we're doing without Congress are making a difference, but we could do so much more if Congress would just come on and help out a little bit. Just come on. Come on and help out a little bit. Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hating all the time. Come on. Let's get some work done together. They did pass this workforce training act, and it was bipartisan. ...
Full article at: Real Clear Politics 17 hours ago, 1:28pm CDT

Mark Levin Rips Impeachment Critics: "Obama Should Be Impeached, But He Won't Be"

MARK LEVIN: Have you noticed something in the last 48 or 72 hours about this word impeachment? Have you noticed that the Democrats and the RINO Republicans are playing games with our constitution? For the last six or seven minutes all over our favorite cable channel we've had via the news and the commentators going on and on about how the kooks have proposed impeachment but the Republicans have never really wanted impeachment. How the Democrats are proposing impeachment as a way ...
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