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Google to Search for the Meaning of Health

2014 Kicking + Screening Soccer Film Festival New York, Presented By Budweiser - Day 2
Google is seeking 175 volunteers from whom it will collect bodily samples in an effort to create their biochemical fingerprints and establish the baseline for a healthy body. The Baseline study, to be run by Google X labs, will seek to connect traditional clinical observations of health, such as diet -- or habits, such as smoking -- with molecular-level changes. The idea is to note changes before symptoms appear and provide treatment. The study is a pilot run ...
Full article at: TechNewsWorld 2 days ago, 8:37pm CDT

Linux Gaming: If You Build It, Will They Come?

Prince Charles Visits Sony UK Technology Centre
For long-suffering Linux users who have endured the dearth of high-quality action games on their open source desktops, the wait for better game developer support soon may be over. New technology is making Linux more attractive to game makers. In fact, it may keep Linux under the hood, so players will have no clue Linux is inside. Until now, game makers have relied primarily on Windows PCs and gaming consoles powered by proprietary alternatives ...
Full article at: TechNewsWorld 2 days ago, 1:23pm CDT

IBM Is a 'Kindred Spirit': Whoa, Tim Cook, Whoa

CEO Tim Cook Visits Beijing
The Apple deal with IBM has shown us a whole new side of Tim Cook -- the gushing, hype-laden, excited-but-still-vague Tim Cook who says things like "kindred spirit," "huge opportunity," and "radical step for enterprise." Who peppers his speech with words like "profound," "complimentary," "landmark" and "thrilled." Now, I'm a big fan of Tim Cook, but when he uttered this, ...
Full article at: TechNewsWorld 2 days ago, 8:22am CDT

Apple Trusts a Million Users to Check Out Yosemite

Chongqing's First Apple Direct-Sale Store Opening
In a rare move, Apple on Thursday rolled out a beta version of its upcoming desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite, to a million "testers." The company pulled the wraps off Yosemite at the World Wide Developers Conference in June and has been tweaking it for developers since that time, but this latest version is a beta that as many as one million members of the public can download. This is the first time Apple has offered a public beta of ...
Full article at: TechNewsWorld 3 days ago, 3:51pm CDT

Twitter's 'D' in Diversity Reflects Broader Industry Failure

Government Weekly Cabinet Meeting
Like many other tech companies, Twitter is largely made up of white, male employees, pointing to a lack of diversity in the industry. The company revealed statistics about its organizational demographics, noting that almost 60 percent of Twitter's U.S. employees self-identify as white. Just under 30 percent identify as Asian. Combined, blacks, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and Hispanics account for less than 7 percent. Of Twitter's global workforce of around 3,000, ...
Full article at: TechNewsWorld 3 days ago, 2:41pm CDT

Facebook Saves the Day From Slipping Away

Parking Spot Transformed Into Pop Up Mini Parks
Facebook this week launched a feature that allows users to save content from their News Feed that they might want to read or watch later. Called "Save," it is designed help users who may be inundated by links to articles, music clips and videos to separate the wheat from the chaff. "Every day, people find all sorts of interesting items on Facebook that they don't have time to explore right away, ...
Full article at: TechNewsWorld 3 days ago, 1:36pm CDT

Patent Tips Apple's iWatch Hand

Chongqing's First Apple Direct-Sale Store Opening
A patent awarded on Tuesday to Apple may be a tip-off of what the company is planning for the smartwatch it's widely expected to introduce this fall. The patent for something Apple referenced in its application as "iTime" is for an electronic wristband that contains a recessed area for an electronic device, such as a watch body. After Apple introduced its diminutive media player -- the nano -- ...
Full article at: TechNewsWorld 3 days ago, 8:56am CDT

Skype for Linux Redesign Is Ugly but Functional

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Addresses Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference
If you do not mind having a free non-open source Microsoft product on your Linux computer, the latest Skype for Linux release catches up to the Windows and Mac versions, providing most of the features they've had for some time. Microsoft rolled out Skype version in mid June. The catch-up release has an updated user interface, some additional features, and lots of bug fixes. The latest Skype for Linux version also got rid of Alsa audio A ...
Full article at: TechNewsWorld 4 days ago, 9:01pm CDT

Amazon Fire Phone Wins Respect, if Not Raves

Mayday In Concert - Vancouver, BC
Early reviews for Amazon's first foray into the smartphone market are mixed, with a general sense that the device is a good phone overlaid with some flashy features. Amazon announced the Fire Phone last month, trumpeting its 3D display, which uses facial recognition and front-facing cameras to shift perspective, depending on where the user's head is; a personal assistant called "Firefly ...
Full article at: TechNewsWorld 4 days ago, 2:40pm CDT

Failure to Communicate Hamstrings Cyberdefenders

A failure to communicate between security pros and company brass may be contributing to the inability of a significant number of organizations to reduce the risk of cyberattacks on their systems. That was one of the findings last week in a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Websense. Thirty-one percent of the nearly 5,000 respondents surveyed for the study sa ...
Full article at: TechNewsWorld 4 days ago, 9:22am CDT

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